My Approach - Vince Scanlan Photography

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I take a very traditional approach in my photography. I describe this style to be similar to a photojournalist. My goal in creating images, regardless of my subject, is to produce something that is natural and never staged. From a very early age I developed an aversion to photographers who wanted to pose me and create a very stiff and somewhat unnatural images. Before I undertake any photography assignment, I seek a comfortable understanding with my client. I try to create a connection with the subjects in order to be able to understand how I can create an image that captures the true personality of the individual. It is critical for all of my clients to feel comfortable with me and be able to be themselves when they get in front of the camera. If I can’t achieve this, it is difficult to capture an accurate reflection of the individual.


For my portrait sessions I encourage my clients to pick their choice of venues. I am comfortable with both indoor and outdoor locations, but admittedly I favor the outdoor venues that always provides a unique backdrop for the portrait. These sessions incorporate the use of both natural and artificial lighting.

Lifestyle Events

For those special events requiring photographic memories, I strive for a natural and more candid images of the event. This journalistic approach creates a more realistic recreation of the event and reduces the dependency on images that look staged or posed.

Landscapes and Vistas

For the creation of my landscapes and vistas I incorporate a variety of techniques that allow me to capture the full dynamic range of colors and tones for the image. These techniques include HDR (High dynamic range), long exposure and tonal conversion. All of my landscape images are created with the expectation that they are suitable for framing and sold under the Vince Scanlan Fine Art Photography brand.

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