About - OskarHugo



I like to think of myself of as a different breed of photographer. I am not your mall photographer looking for volume production, nor will you find me at a church every weekend snapping wedding shots. I learned long ago that quality image making requires a strong connection between the photographer and their subjects. I take a very personal approach with my art. My goal is to always produce images that reflect the expectations of my clients.

I consistently maintain a passion for making images of the things that matter to me most. In making my images, I always look for a perspective that makes the image fresh and unique. My imaging style can be best described as personal and reflective.

I have never limited myself to one genre of photography. People. Nature. Sports. Wildlife. All of these things are a reflection of what I like most - the beauty of life on Earth. I find myself fortunate enough to have lived and travelled in many unusual places throughout the world. These experiences have contributed greatly to my unique and personal photographic approach.

I enjoy engaging with clients who prefer a more personal imaging experience. I am available for limited engagements, with a special ear for sessions that require a more personal and interactive experience.

If you have an imaging project that requires a more personal experience, feel free to submit a request through my contact page.

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